Solo yet social

I have been waiting for years to go see a movie by myself.

Two weeks ago I was home listening to a podcast and one of the hosts mentioned a documentary that they planned on seeing. It's about the history and current state of America's war on drugs and the role of money, race, class, and politics in the drug war (you know, the usual warm fuzzies). I'm all about the documentaries right now so I looked up show times to see if the movie was playing somewhere close some time soon.

Turns out it was playing in 30 minutes at a nearby theater. In the spirit of spontaneity, which I almost never succumb to, I changed out of my grandma pjs and old man sweater into normal person street clothes and ran out the door. I treated myself to a cab ride and made it in just enough time to grab a drink and a quick (yet overpriced) bite.

Solo movie night is the best decision I've made in a long time. And now I'm not sure why I was so hesitant to go alone for all these years. Yes, it's wonderful to have someone to chat with at the end of any movie but I enjoyed (most of) this film so much that I've been running my mouth about it to anyone that will listen. Plus, it didn't feel so different from me watching a movie at home on Netflix. And, since I was out among the living, I was able to pretend this was a social activity.

Time to check this one off my I'm-too-scared-or-awkward-or-uptight-or-tired-or-just-too-full-of-excuses-to-do-this list.