Tech? No.

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I'll admit, I'm not great with technology. And to add insult to injury, some of my friends think that I act like an old lady. I believe this is partly due to my small collection of VHS tapes that I am currently hoarding. Oh and I may or may not have multiple heating pads, enjoy drinking tea, and spend 87% of my time wrapped in a cardigan or afghan blanket.

Anywho, I got a new smart phone. And no, it's not an iPhone but it has cool features like a front-facing camera, more storage, better sound quality and speaker phone, and apparently there's video chatting (which I probably won't be using/figuring out any time soon).

Ok so I have this silly phone but I cannot figure out how to reply all in a text message. This means that every time a friend sends over a text involving multiple people I can ONLY reply to them. I am annoyed and completely unable to figure out how use the reply all option. At this point I'm almost completely sure that it's not even an option on the phone; and this missing feature annoys me even more than the idea that I am too lame to find it because this time it's not my fault. So here I am stuck in a terrible and vicious cycle of technology. I want to do more and be better but the technology won't let me and is actively hating on me. In situations like these I can't wait for snail mail and telegrams to make a comeback.