These tears brought to you by Netflix

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Dear Internet,

I have a secret. I am sensitive. I pretend that I'm tough and have no cares in the world but deep down I'm a hopeless pile of emotion.

I have no problem passing for tough out in the world: at work, out on the town, and with friends. But at home there's no holds barred and no telling what could shatter my soul. Lately, it's been a mix of inspirational, heartwarming, and heartbreaking documentaries. I'm not proud to admit that I sat on my couch and openly cried while watching each of the following documentaries:

  • Young@Heart, a senior citizens choir who perform cover songs
  • A Man Named Pearl, a self-taught garden sculptor who uses his lawn to create works of art
  • Being Elmo, all about the man behind the muppet from his childhood to fatherhood

It's not normal and I'm sure it's not ok but I just had to tell someone.
Tearfully yours,