Every little girl's dream

We've reached a turning point, people. I went home a couple months ago and my mom let me SHOP in her CLOSET. I offhandedly told her that I was in the market for a denim jacket and she said, "Oh I think I might have something." And no, she didn't just mean to borrow...she meant for keeps...forever.

I don't know what's come over her. Maybe she senses my ladylike aura and feels that I am now her graceful equal. Maybe she feels bad for all the years of hand-me-downs that were forced upon me. Or maybe I was just in the right place at the right time.

I went back home again a few weeks ago with a wish list, pulled out two items that I'm sure she never wears, and informed her that I would be packing them up with me on my way home. Well this time around she was not havin' it. I got a, "Oh no you won't," straight to the face. That's ok, I know how to play her little game. I'm still going to put in some work and see what I can get away with. And if my combination platter of eyelash batting, pouting, tantrum throwing, and puppy dog eyes don't do the trick then there's always outright theft.