Pie in the Sky

I had my first official savory pie (that's if you don't count quiches or traditional pot pies) in DC last year and I was hooked. So when I stumbled across the Chile Pies & Ice Cream menu and saw a tasty selection of savories, you better believe this went right on the to-eat list. 

So one Saturday a friend and I stretched our eating muscles and planned an extended lunch date. Between the two of us we took down one bottle of wine, two savory pies, and two dessert pies (a la mode, of course). Now that I've tasted seven items on the menu --ice cream included-- I'm pretty sure that gives me license to tell you that this place is now on my thumbs up list. I ordered the chicken chile pie, got to taste the frito pie, and am looking forward to trying the chicken stew next time. For dessert I had the banana cream pie and coffee ice cream, not the best combo but I love each one separately and just had to go for it. Oh and I will be going to back to get one of those sundaes (with my lactose pills very close at hand, thank you very much).