Old Lady Inventory

I like to think that I dress appropriately for my age. There's the occasional mini skirt/dress hanging around but I just pair those with leggings and pretend that I don't look like a tween. I'm definitely trying to step it up and step away from my hoodie-and-converse look that I rocked for 4+ years after college (darn you SF, and your lackadaisical dress code).

I'm on the right track, but recently got an unfortunate wake-up call. I saw an older lady wearing my favorite new scarf. And by older, I'm being polite. She's actually Sophia on Golden Girls old and was wearing this:

Not fair, right? Just when I try to be cute with a weirdly attractive pseudo animal print scarf, I see grandma strutting around with the same one. I mean, I joke about being an old lady but that's just for giggles, right? Right?! I already know that I love talking about the many uses of baking soda (cooking, scrubbing, exfoliating, laundry - very exciting stuff), love drinking and talking about tea, and am deathly afraid of technology (seriously, this blog is nothing short of a miracle). But now it's time to take stock, a little old lady inventory, to see just how far gone I really am.

Here's the itemized list --
Cardigans: 20
Days of the week I wear a cardigan:7
Heating pads: 2
Sweater jackets (that I often wear around the house): 3
Quilts: 2
Assorted blankets that are strewn about the couch: 4
Old lady brand shoes: 3 (Clarks and Aerosoles, specifically)

Not sure what all of this means, and I'm sure there are some key factors that I left out, but it definitely freaks me out a little. On the bright side, I love preparation and am way ahead of the pack here, so when my 70th birthday comes a-knocking, I'll be grandma ready. In the meantime, let's hope that my continual investment in heels, nail polish, and dresses will help keep me semi-youthful.