Goodbye building manager blues

Last week was just one of those weeks, and by that I mean the amazing kind! Work was smooth sailing, I accomplished a lot on the ol' to do list, and one day I even came home to free pizza. Yes, you read that right -- free. I know I said it's time to eat better so I'm hoping that my recent veggie-filled dinners will cancel out a good portion of this delicious mushroom pizza.

You see, my current building manager had a pizza party for the entire building. Unfortunately, it started at 5pm and I didn't get home until 6:30pm. Fortunately, there were a ton of leftovers and I was gifted with all this deliciousness and now I can overeat in the privacy of my home. Let me explain why this is a big deal.

My previous building manager is not a nice lady. Whenever I sent her emails about various issues in my apartment and she would ignore the first email as if it didn't exist. And then when responding to the second or third email she wouldn't even mention or apologize for her delayed response. Twice I had issues with my kitchen sink being clogged (and one of those times almost ruined my hosting abilities for a New Year's Eve party) and she tried to blow it off as no big deal. No, the building was not on fire or flooded but I think a backed up sink with brown water that could spill on to my kitchen floor deserves a little urgent attention. Call me crazy. And then another time I had to drop off a rent check in person and she pronounced my name as Jah-neel just to mess with me, as if we'd never met before. I guess she's so important that she doesn't have to worry about my emails or how to properly sound out my name.

I am convinced that she is weird and terrible, so the fact that this new building manager had a pizza party to introduce herself touches my heart. Selfishly I wonder if this means that someone will finally fix my shower situation (very long and dumb story) or banish laundry hours (longer and dumber story). Seriously though, it doesn't take much to impress me. Just practice the golden rule, smile and throw some free food my way once in awhile. I'm kidding, I do have some class -- I'm also open to jewels and chocolates, so spread the word.