Meat Fest 2011

Take it all in folks, this just a little something I like to call dinner for one on a Monday night. Hey, don't judge, I'm a growing girl and need my protein.

You see there's this lovely little place on Polk Street, Miller's East Coast Deli, and their deli sandwiches are nothing to laugh at. They come piled high with meat and are not for the faint of heart or stomach.

My undying faith in their pastrami and brisket deli sandwiches led me to believe that they might make a mean patty melt. And Miller's proved me right, oh how I love when that happens! As you can see from the evidence above, my eyes are bigger than my stomach (dad is/was right). And yes, I did go overboard with that side order of chicken wings...but can you blame me?

These are the moments I live for: sitting in my living room, fingers and face smeared with fried goodness, enjoying a delightfully delicious mess and thinking,"Ahhh, nothing like a little meat fest to start the week off right."