Steal This Idea: Electric Wire Rings

It's nice to think, or at least believe, that you're cooler than your mom. I should be trendier and hipper than she is and it should be my duty to turn her on to interesting and buzz-worthy ideas so that she doesn't get lost and overwhelmed in this day and age. But somehow, I was born with the soul and outlook of a grandma so my mom ends up telling me about cool stuff. Definitely a blow to the ego, but at least she doesn't hold it against me.

The most recent thing that she's mentioned to me is upcycling. To be fair (and to save some face), I knew that this movement/world/community existed but I didn't realize that there is a name for it. For any other old fogies who don't know, upcycling is taking old (useless) stuff that would otherwise be thrown away and turning it into something useful. She's taken on some projects recently where she'll turn old CDs into journals or placemats into purses. So I've been inspired to take on my own upcycle project. This wire ring idea is not my creation but I'm happy to pass it along so that others can enjoy it.

It's a fairly quick project, so there's plenty of instant gratification. I think each ring took about 15 minutes to make. And I'm not gonna lie, I got a little frustrated with the flimsiness (is that a word?) of the electrical wire and the super sturdiness of the copper wire but patience is the key here. Happy crafting!