Betty is my new Bestie

Every once in awhile, I venture out of San Francisco and head to one of the sister cities. Just a few weeks ago, my friend and I decided to spend a Saturday in Oakland. We spent the day eating, drinking and being merry -- kind of like an all-day adult recess. During our day trip we made a very important stop at Bake Sale Betty. In case you don't know BSB, it's a bakery and sandwich shop and many of my friends and co-workers have raved about.

I finally got to try the fried chicken sandwich and the rumors are true, people. It is the stuff of dreams. The ingredients are delicious and simple: bread, vinegar and oil coleslaw, and chicken breast fried to perfection. There were tons of sweet breads and cookies for sale, but unfortunately this little piggy had no room for dessert.

In addition to yummy food, the decor is quite a treat. There are rolling pins hanging from the walls AND the outdoor dining includes ironing boards that serve as tables, way too cute! You guys know how I feel about all-things-housewife, so this really made my day/life. I can't wait for my next visit so that I can try some of the sweets and more of the savory (spicy sloppy joe sandwich, here I come).