Crafters Unite

Sewing classes these days don't come cheap, but I would definitely say that my most recent City College Continuing Education experience was well worth it. I walked away with a finished product that serves as proof to my mom that I'm not totally useless. You see, my mom and dad are completely crafty. My dad can re-upholster furniture, sew and tailor all kinds of clothing, and is a handy man to boot. My mom majored in fashion design and can sew and craft like nobody's business (shout-out to mom for creating matching outfits for me and my cabbage patch doll for first grade show and tell). Basically, I have a lot to prove.

Well, check me out folks because I made this one-of-a-kind tote bag. I hope you can appreciate the pocket-on-pocket concept. That's a little enhancement I came up with on the fly. It's for today's woman on the move who needs a dab of funk-tion with her fashion; I call it smartphone chic.

All in all, I was pleased with the weekly sessions and, at six weeks long, it wasn't too much of a time commitment. The class was about $130, so a bit of an investment, but I've convinced myself that it's a small price to pay in my quest to find a hobby (and to impress my parents).