Hey Buddy, Take a Hike

There are some things that go together naturally: skinny jeans and boots, wine and cheese, bonfires and s’mores, hiking and eating.

Now, I’m not condoning going on a strenuous hike with a cheeseburger in hand (though I wouldn’t be totally opposed either), but hike + picnic = perfect partnership. That picnic break is a great way to relax and take in the surrounding beauty and the food will keep you energized for the journey ahead. I’ve been fortunate to come across a couple of picnic options that take hiking to the next level:

Tourist Club – free and you can purchase food and drank there
Muir Woods (by way of Dip Sea trail and Sun Trail)

Beware, the Dip Sea trail is filled with steps, so you know that my old lady knees were not happy. On the other hand, the Tourist Club is definitely worth the visit. We brought plenty of our own food but were tempted with jars of pickles and beef jerky…umm yes and yes. Also, there’s beer available for the grown folks and board games available for all.

Pancake Breakfast – $10 for adults
West Point Inn (by way of Pan Toll Station)

It’s been awhile since my last breakfast hike, but I have great memories. This is a fun activity to do with ambitious friends and it’s really rewarding. Imagine pancakes and coffee waiting for you at the end, or maybe in the middle, of your sunny Sunday hike.

Before your visit, be sure to look up directions, times, prices (for the pancake breakfast), and rules (for the Tourist Club). Happy hiking to one and all!