Creme Puffs and Fudge and Pies -- Oh My!

Dessert has a hold on me. I cannot pass on brownie a la mode, mocha almond fudge ice cream, coconut cream pie, or vanilla bundt cake.

For the most part, candy and chocolates are quick fix but dessert, oh glorious dessert, has me wrapped around its sugary sweet pinky finger...and I kind of like it that way. For years, I’ve tricked myself into believing that dessert is no big deal, that I'm committed to savory and will dabble in dessert every so often.

But I did a little soul-searching and I've come to realize that when the choice is presented to me, I almost always opt for dessert. Sometimes I don’t even need to eat it to be delighted, I can just press my nose up against a display case or watch a cart full of sweets roll by and I am satisfied. I can’t explain this interesting relationship that we have and to be honest, I don’t think I want to understand or explain it. I just want to enjoy every bit of my deliciously dysfunctional love of all things dessert.

Here are a few of my favorite dessert situations. Sorry they're all chains, I'm still looking for some local yummies.

Beard Papa’s – cream puffs never looked or tasted so good
Baskin-Robbins – the jamoca almond fudge ice cream and mud pie makes my heart skip a beat
Whole Foods Bakery – ├ęclairs, cakes, and pies, oh my!