I Need...

To be doing something, to be going somewhere, to be figuring out what’s next. I dine on conversation, laughter, and entertainment. I have a difficult time saying no to plans because it means that I may miss out on an opportunity for fun. Unfortunately for my wallet and sleep schedule, I have great friends and I live in an amazing city. I am single, broke, slightly exhausted, and having the time of my life in San Francisco.

Oh and I live alone. So instead of sitting at home trying to figure out how I’ll entertain myself next (maybe a fashion show with all the dresses and heels that I never wear, maybe a hula hooping session to burn some belly fat, or I’ll just pretend to clean and then get side tracked by a DIY project) I’d rather be out and about, preferably with another human being.

Well, I finally mustered up enough courage to start documenting my happenings and all the crazies in and around San Francisco. So sit back, buckle up, and pay attention because it's about to get real.