Cuckoo for Coco Luxe

I have always been a fan of Haight Street, it has an interesting history and scene and there's plenty to see and do. Usually, I go for the vintage shopping, amazing sneaker shops, and the occasional visit to Amoeba. Usually, I don’t say to myself, “Wow, I simply cannot wait to visit Haight Street to enjoy some delicious chocolate treats.” But all that has changed, my friends. I give you Coco-luxe Confections, a wine and truffle lovers dream.

They have a great selection of truffle delights and even a list of wine pairing suggestions, which is ideal for a wine novice, such as myself. I will say that even with the suggested pairings, I had a difficult time deciding because there are so many enticing flavors: devil’s food, mocha, peanut butter? Get outta here! I was in heaven and my only regret is that my Groupon tasting only allowed me to try 4 flavors. Either way, I'll surely be back to try a few more varieties. As the saying goes, a chocolate a day keeps the grumpies away or something like that.