Fly Me to the Moon

If you don't already know, I have a special place in my heart for Happy Hour. I take comfort in knowing that the work day is over and the night is mine for the taking. The clock strikes and I am free to unwind and socialize.

Some of my favorite evenings have taken place at Fly Bar, where the portions are generous, the food is tasty and the drinks are stiff. Better still, there's more than one location in the city. As fate would have it, there's one location in Western Addition (just blocks from my friend's place) and another location in Lower Nob Hill (just a hop, skip, and jump from me). Drop by for Happy Hour some time, the pizzas are half price, cocktails are $5, and beer is around $3.

Both locations are near and dear to me, so I have trouble choosing a favorite but here's a sneak preview:
Fly Bar on Divis
--There's a pool table in the back (be sure to check out the interesting mural on the back wall)
--You may have the chance to meet the self-proclaimed "Mayor of Divisadero"
--Keep in mind there's no hard alcohol served here, but have no fear there's plenty of beer and sake cocktails

Fly Bar on Sutter
--The side room has a shuffleboard table and you can see into the kitchen to watch your food being prepared
--For a bit more privacy, or to play arcade games, head to the back room
--Chicken wings are on the menu...enough said