The Burgerhaus Revisited

Wow, I really need to get out of my comfort zone with my places to go/things to try list, but before I do let's revisit Acme Burgerhaus. You see, I took yet another trip to this wonderful burger paradise (where the burger options include ostrich, lamb, buffalo, turkey, garden, and kobe beef, mind you) and realized that I never even brought up the subject of chili cheese fries, so I must hang my head in shame.

The Burgerhaus chili cheese fries are a mess in a basket and you have to eat them with a fork, so they’re basically amazing. They have that crunchy, sloppy, cheese-y quality that only the best of junk food can offer. Truth be told, I should probably stay away from all chili cheese fries for the rest of my life and keep my arteries happy but somehow they have a powerful hold on me. I’m going to go with nostalgia and, as with everything else, I’m going to blame my mother.

She and I both enjoy shopping…a lot. During our weekend shopping trips we would share chili cheese fries and a burger. These crazy, calorie-filled fries are so dear to me because they make me think of all the great times I’ve had with my mom and, more recently, with my (junk) food-loving friends. So when you see me with chili cheese sauce on my fingers and in my lap, try not to judge me because I’m doing all of this for the memories (OK and maybe to satisfy my inner food demon).