Dollar Deals on Divis

I made a promise to be forthcoming with information, and I will stay true to my word but I must admit that I’m a bit afraid. The moment I reveal this gem it might change your life and deeply impact my universe. You see, I have a secret garden, well beer garden but whatever, it’s still magical. I go to my special place and get inexpensive yet good quality (which is why I didn’t call it cheap) beer.

I share this information knowing that I’ll see you there in the crowded café, sitting at what should be my table. I’ll show you a toothy smile, but you can believe I won’t be happy. I’ll be hating you for paying attention to my suggestion and I’ll be hating myself for spoiling the secret. But deep down I can’t resist. Perhaps part of it is the kindness of my soul wanting to pass along this treasure, or perhaps it is my selfish desire to be revered as one of the cool kids. You decide which is the truth.

Either way, just promise me that you’ll use this knowledge for good and that you’ll only share this with other cool people. Ready for the secret? Then get yourself to Divisadero and Hayes in the Western Addition and head to Acme Burgerhaus and/or Beanbag Café. Happy hour is 7 hours long (3pm-10pm) and beer is less than $2. There are plenty of food options at both places (ex. chili cheese fries at Acme), but let's be honest, I'm in it for the cheap beer.

So the cat's out of the bag, I hope you enjoy this magical land of plenty. Oh and by the way, next round's on you -- cheers!