Book 'em, Dano

I don’t have a Kindle, Nook, or an iPhone, so I read books the old-fashioned way using any scrap paper I can find for bookmarks and sometimes getting desperate and dog-earing the page (blasphemy, I know). There’s nothing ground-breaking or novel, pardon the pun, about visiting a library but I share this adventure because, just like Aretha, the library deserves my R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

My appreciation of the library goes way back, I think a couple decades. During my childhood, I would spend hours at the library with my mom and sister and even participated in some of the summer reading clubs. I’ll never forget my time with the Berenstain Bears, Baby Sitters Club and the Ramona series. I was even a library helper --nerd alert-- in sixth grade and felt that I had a special connection with the head librarian: we both loved reading, took pleasure in stacks that were properly ordered and maintained, and her given name was my nickname (Nelly, if you’re wondering). In college, I worked at the business school library and enjoyed the peace and people-watching. Even with our rich and wonderful history, I am a bad friend and allowed the library to fade from my memory.

Fortunately, I have other (human) friends that live across the street from a library and they have reunited me with my good buddy. We took a little field trip one day and as I walked through the stacks, I remembered that my affection for the library is anchored in the fact that it is filled with wonder and possibility. Are you searching for an instructional sewing book? Done! Soup recipes for every day of the year? Done! A guide for all things tea? Done, with pleasure!

Still not convinced? Well, ok, I understand that there’s only so much that I can do or say. I will make a final attempt to appeal to your logical side and then I will leave you be.

The library is...
Time-saving: find, hold, and renew books online
Space-saving: no need to clear out book shelves and get creative with storage, just return your goodies when you’re done
Money-saving: it’s not so fun spending $15-20 a pop for Oprah’s ever-changing book club, so save your money and make Suze Orman proud.