Tooty Fruity

I have a confession to make: I’m from the Midwest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the least bit ashamed of where I come from, actually I find plenty of pride in it. I tell you this so that you understand my newfound awareness of fruits and vegetables. My parents did a pretty good job with what they had and I believe that my diet was quite adequate for any growing gal (though I’ll admit I had my fair share of iceberg lettuce salads and overcooked vegetables).

I’ve always been fond of fruits and vegetables, in many forms and dishes, but when I moved to San Francisco I realized that for more than 20 years I had been missing out on the freshness, variety, flavor, and possibilities that produce has to offer. Imagine my delight when a new fruit and veggie stand, Polk Street Produce, opened just a few blocks away. I’m a huge fan of the owner, Harry, he’s always pleasant and always has plenty of produce knowledge to share with me, from easy recipes to health benefits. And he always gives me the background on the interesting and unusual fruit that he carries, like cactus pear and kiwi berries and lady apples, so that I sound like a fruit genius around my friends.

Find some time to stop in and take a look around, the place is small (I’ll call it cozy) but very delightful. And let’s be honest, anything’s better than the understocked and overpriced grocery stores nearby that shall remain nameless.

Here’s the quick and dirty:
1334 Polk Street between Bush and Hyde
Hours: Mon-Sat 9a-8p and Sun 9a-6p