Bingo or Bust

Something you should know about me is that I am a certified Old Lady In Training. I have old lady knees and enjoy old lady things: musicals, tea, shuffleboard, and Bingo (be still, my heart). But, as we all know what was once old is new again. I give you leggings, Keds, all things camouflage, and we mustn’t forget glorious Bingo!

It took me awhile to find a place in the city where I could get my Bingo fix, but thanks to the powers that be (or maybe the hipsters that be) I finally came across Bingo Night at the Knockout. The crowd is so energized and there seem to be plenty of regulars who share a special Bingo language. The crowd is matched only by an equally entertaining announcer, drink specials, DJ, and live music.

Any old fogies or young whippersnappers out there want to join me for a few rounds of Bingo?